Our Team

James Dwyer

Introducing James, the owner and president of Mash Mechanical from the very beginning in 2017. He struck out on his own to build a business that would offer a balance of work and home life for not just himself but also his whole team. He comes equipped with an Engineering degree from University of Maine and a desire to grow his business while enjoying life to its fullest. He spends his after-hours time mountain biking, skiing, and bonding with his family.

Jack Dwyer
General Support Officer

Give it up for the youngest of the Mash team, Jack. This energetic Maine born boy always brings a smile to everyone’s face. His curiosity and enthusiasm are only matched by his love of a good snack. When he’s not working hard, he can be found taking a nap, hanging out with his family, or escaping into the great outdoors.

Chuck Judkins
Operations Manager

A big hello to our Operations Manager Chuck. Joining the Mash team with nearly 40 years of experience, he hopes to guide young technicians as they pursue a career in the HVAC field. This foodie enjoys grilling and smoking all kinds of meats for his wife, kids, and grandkids anytime he gets the chance. When he’s not behind the grill you can find him enjoying pool time with his wife or loving on his two beloved pups.

Kennedy Freitas
Human Resources/Office Administrator 

Say hello to our Human Resources Office Administrator, Kennedy. This quirky Utah transplant is new to the HVAC world and hopes to absorb as much as possible to help everyone grow their career. When she’s not taking care of the Mash team, she spends her hours enjoying the four seasons of Maine with her husband and two energetic kids.

Dan Cole
Install Project Manager

Say hello to our Install Project Manager and a true New Yorker, Dan. He came up to Maine just a few years ago with his wife and three dogs to enjoy a quieter life, but his love for a good joke and hard work makes for a busy, boisterous life. When he’s not on the clock he dedicates himself to remodeling his home into a dream house and causing mischief for his wife.

Wayne Zoll
Installation Technician

Introducing our very own Wayne. This delightful man is a dedicated worker who claims that HVAC chose him, but the Mash team knows he makes HVAC work for him. His kindness and good sense of humor makes him a favorite to work with. When he’s not pushing hard at work he spends as much time as possible enjoying the wonder of Maine’s nature.

Torrey Brown
Installation Technician

Meet Torrey, this hardworking dedicated man was the first hired employee of Mash Mechanical. He is usually the first person on the clock each morning so he can be home at an early hour to spend the most time possible relaxing with his wife and teenage kids. He started in HVAC with the hopes to enjoy an easier work life than heavy construction and looks forward to one day retiring from the field to move somewhere warm.

Pete Farwell
Installation Technician

Introducing Pete, a Vermont raised family man who recently made a switch from Manufacturing to HVAC. His quiet sense of humor never fails to bring a smile when it’s needed. When he’s not hard at work he can be found on a trail mountain biking, camping, or enjoying an energetic homelife with his wife and two rambunctious boys. He one day hopes to help his sons enter the HVAC field with him.

Mike Verrill
Service Technician

Meet Mike, this chatty mid-coast boy was born in Rockland and recently joined our Mash team with hopes to guide new technicians through their journey in the field. He stumbled into the HVAC field by sheer luck and discovered that he loved what it had to offer. When he’s not working, he enjoys a vibrant life with his loved ones and two dogs.

Tyler Burrows
Service Technician

Introducing Tyler, the Maine born Marine Corps Veteran recently joined our service team with hopes of finding more than just a good job but seeking a challenging environment to soak up as much knowledge as he can. If he is not pushing hard at work, he can be found at the gym keeping healthy, shredding the slopes on his snowboard, fishing the wilds of Maine, or relaxing at home watching Seinfeld. Rest assured wherever you find him he will always have a smile on his face.

Tom Shepard
Service Technician

Without further ado, meet Tom! This Sanford local joined our crew just before the holidays and hasn’t looked back since. He came equipped with not only years of HVAC knowhow but a magnetic grim sense of humor that never fails to make everyone around him grin. Outside of work he enjoys a fast-paced life with his two daughters out in their side-by-side, and hopes to gain his pilot’s license over the coming summer.

Brian Bouffard
Sheet Metal Supervisor

Let’s hear it for Brian, our Sheet Metal Supervisor. This Maine country boy enjoys all the outdoor activities that our great state has to offer. Every fall you can find him deep in the woods tracking deer. His love of working with his hands led him into a metal working class in High School and later developed into a solid career choice that he hopes to help his son grow into.

Brian Bouffard Jr.
Sheet Metal Technician Apprentice

A warm welcome to Brian Jr. He followed in his father’s footsteps with a love for working with his hands and hopes to make the jump into the mechanical HVAC side of the trade. He spends his after-hours time working on vehicles, hunting, or fishing. He hopes to enjoy a career in HVAC through retirement.

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